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If you’re reading this, it’s likely because at some point within the last 8 months you signed up at to help members in the community who were struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are so grateful you did. We started this project to share education and help those most negatively impacted by the pandemic, and when you signed up, you helped our effort get stronger and our community become more connected.

Thanks to the efforts of dozens of partner organizations and volunteers like you, our disaster food program powered by Lighthouse has coordinated nearly 20,000 deliveries to families in need since the pandemic began. Each delivery represents a weeks worth of food to a family in need.

Think about that. Over 20,000 deliveries. That’s only possible because of selfless volunteers who have embodied the values of selflessness and service in one of the most difficult times in modern memory.

To that end, we’ve partnered with Lighthouse to bring you a special Thanksgiving program to deliver food to over 2,500 households, and we need more help.

If you want to deliver boxes of food to families in need click here to sign up for Thanksgiving deliveries. We have completely redone the way we schedule deliveries, putting the power in your hands as a volunteer to choose when you are available, and then select deliveries based on your time table.

Lighthouse also needs help packing boxes of food — click here to sign up for Thanksgiving meal prep in Waterford, MI. Public health, social distancing, sanitation and mask wearing precautions are listed on the Lighthouse volunteer sign up page.

To close, we at the COVID Response Network have been reflecting on this momentous year, and we want to say one thing: thank you. We are deeply grateful for your support, both during the beginning of this effort and into the future. We never saw ourselves doing the work we would be doing at the scale we are doing it, but we wake up every day to do it because we know this pandemic isn’t over, and the most vulnerable in our community need all the support possible from neighbors all around our region.

Have a wonderful holiday,

Seeing Ahead of the Curve: Chris Powers and the founding of mycovidresponse.orgChris Powers, Co-Founder
On Behalf of The Team at MyCovidResponse

PS – Know someone who might be interested in helping out? Just hit share have them click these links to sign up!

PPS – Can’t volunteer but want to support our programs? Click here to make a donation.

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  1. Susan Christie

    Can seniors help pack? What are the hours? Where do I need to go?

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