Comprehensive list of free educational and technological resources!

In case you are looking for free educational content, including many premium offering from companies, as well technological resources like video conferencing, this list is pretty comprehensive! Amazing Educational Resources also has a Facebook group to ask questions and engage others in educating our children while schools are closed.

A couple of the highlights:

  1. Walkabouts platform from ActivEd is now free, offering great web-based lessons from pre-K through 2nd grade
  2. CiscoWebex is offering free video conferencing for educational reasons
  3. PenPal Schools, which fosters collaboration between students all over the world, is free to all districts affected

There is a LOT of great content at the link! If you are looking for specific help, please be sure to fill out our form and we can do our best to direct you!

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  1. Evoque Mwaura

    Came across your list of resources for covid19! That’s really what we need now. You might want to expand your list though to help other users like me. I think you might wanna drop in on this site that lists only educational resources. I got some helpful crafty ideas from there. I hope you can help more people the way you helped me out. Cheers!

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