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Here’s What We’ve Accomplished Together

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My name is Chris Powers and I am one of the co-founders of MyCovidResponse (MCR).

I wanted to share an update with our volunteers, supporters and early adopters.

When Cam and I started out, we were just trying to use technology to get resources to people in need during the pandemic. Our little project continues to grow.

Since March 14, 2020, over 6,000 households representing almost 20,000 residents have reached out for aid through MyCovidResponse. Through our efforts together, in partnership with Lighthouse of Michigan and many others, we have coordinated over 48,066 deliveries of food to those who reached out!

Here’s a visual timeline of the History of MyCovidResponse.

Here’s what we have accomplished together since March 14th, 2020:

  1. Launched
  2. Created a COVID-19 fact sheet and had it translated into over a dozen languages.
  3. Helped Diane Baldwin from OU coordinate a virtual tutoring program + the distribution of thousands of cloth face masks.
  4. Helped Jennifer Lucarelli to start, pilot and scale a local emergency food program out of the Oakland Center in partnership with Lighthouse of Michigan. The program transitioned to a distribution location in Waterford under Lighthouse’s leadership.
  5. To date, the emergency food program has delivered over 40,000 weeks worth of food to families in need. (Update >50,000 as of July 1, 2021 and growing)
  6. Piloted Oakland Connect, a 21st century nonprofit organization connecting thousands of people in need with resources from our partner organizations.
  7. Incorporated Reciprocity to develop technology solutions for nonprofits and service organizations.
  8. Launched programs for Thanksgiving, Christmas (Adopt-a-family), and Easter.
  9. Launched a vaccination program to 300+ people in partnership with St. Joseph Mercy
  10. Started providing technical support using what we learned in the pandemic to nonprofits and service organizations throughout Oakland County.

If you are a more visual / story person — here’s what people are saying about our work:

in most cases, the real credit goes to the organizer or partner organization cited above. This has truly been a collaborative effort, and would not be possible without the dozens of partnerships and thousands of volunteers who have helped since day one.

We tried a lot of different things in 2020. Some worked, some didn’t. The things that worked worked really well. So in 2021 our goal is to focus on the activities that we think will have the biggest positive impact on the people who we serve.

I am deeply grateful for the hundreds of volunteers, some who worked around the clock to make these projects successful.

If you were involved with MyCovidResponse I want you to know that your community is deeply grateful for your service.

Thank you so much for your support so far — we’ve come so far together and it still feels like this is just the beginning…

-Chris Powers

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