New Day Foundation

New Day Foundation

In partnership with hospitals/cancer centers in Michigan that apply for assistance on behalf of cancer patients in active treatment, New Day customizes a financial treatment plan to help families alleviate financial toxicity, a harmful side effect that creates significant barriers to treatment and healing.

New Day provides vital resources to bridge the financial gap, giving profound hope and proper focus in the fight against cancer. Our mission to alleviate the financial burden of cancer is the formula for hope: Financial Assistance + Financial Navigation + Emotional Support.

Financial Assistance: We pay critical living expenses on behalf of families with a pediatric or adult cancer patient in active treatment. Payments are made directly to creditors for mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, transportation, grocery, fuel, childcare and more.

Financial Navigation: Our financial navigator uses a cutting-edge technology platform to predict financial burden in the early stages of a diagnosis to help optimize insurance plans and minimize out-of-pocket costs for medical care and prescriptions.

Emotional Support: In collaboration with a network of professional counselors, financial planners, service providers and nonprofit organizations, New Day works to lift the emotional burden of cancer. We also distribute hundreds of custom Care Packs with age-appropriate resources and comfort items.

How this organization can help:
  • Food and supplies